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Jeremy Gorecki

Creative Continuity & Content Director

"The Father"


- Concept Creation

- World & Structure Builder

- Texture Creator

- Skin Pack Artist

- Character Creation & Behaviors

- Social Media Manager

Besides G2Crafted, Jeremy is also Santa Claus for one of the most famous Theme Parks in the world and a freelance Voice Over Artist. 

"I'm Santa of the Modern Age making virtual toys for the masses"

Preston Gorecki

Content & Quality Manager

"The Son"


- Quality Control

- Model, Texture & Animation

- Behavior Coding

- Skin Pack Artist

- Marketing Art

Preston started playing Minecraft at a very young age and began creating free content at 12, under GoreckiCraft123. At age 15 he suffered a severe brain injury that not only affected his ability to walk for several months, but also his ability to cognitively work through complex problems. After six months of non-effective therapies, Jeremy decided to see if Minecraft could help. He gave Preston simple building tasks that increased in complexity over time. It worked! And the rest is history! In Preston's free time he makes puppets and spends time in his art studio. 

Melissa Gorecki

Operational Business Manager

"The Mom"


- Finance Management

- Data Analysis

- Human Resources Management

- Talent Management

Besides one skin pack under MamaG, Melissa mainly manages the business aspect of G2Crafted, which is under the Gorecki2 Productions, LLC umbrella. From analyzing sales and other key performance indicators, to hiring talent for multiple aspects of the business, she makes sure that all of the non-artistic matters are handled. 

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